Introducing our NEW Full Body wellness service

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Edited for email blast NEW Face & Body Beauty Treatment + Fat Blast (SCULPT POD PRO)2021

In a nutshell...

Receive a relaxing collagen boosting & anti-aging face treatment at the same time as a body sculpting, fat blasting & skin firming treatment!Clients typically see 2+ inches lost after just the first session! Depending on the clients body type, we recommend at least 6 sessions for the best results. The quicker you complete the sessions, the quicker you will see results!

A more in depth look into the service...

The face treatment uses LED and near infrared technology to stimulate collagen which tightens the skin, reduces pore size and reduces signs of aging such as dark spots & sun damage. We also apply hyaluronic acid to the face for even more tightening and anti aging benefits. The body session includes two of our most popular slimming services which uses laser diodes to penetrate fat cells, releasing their contents and the body flushes these contents naturally through the lymphatic system. This service also uses far infrared and LED therapy which stimulates collagen and detoxifies the body which helps reduce cellulite, firm the skin and also leaves you feeling relaxed & rejuvenated after each session. This session also includes full body vibration massage and collagen boosting cream for increased blood circulation, cellulite reduction and stimulation of the lymphatic system which releases toxins, naturally! 

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The Sculpt Pod Pro

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Detox Body Wraps by

    Reduce the appearance of cellulite:

A common misconception is the idea that weight loss is the single solution for smoothing these uneven deposits underneath the skin. However, our detox wraps have been proven to reduce cellulite for over 30 years. Each treatment targets the true source of cellulite by cleansing the tissues where cellulite is trapped. 

    Slim 4-14" in 1 hour:

We will record your measurements before and after each treatment. You will be able to track and see the slimming effects with each wrap. Your body is constantly working to flush out toxins. Body wraps increase circulation by dilating small veins and capillaries which helps flush away beauty robbing toxic build up.

    Contour your ideal body shape:

Shape areas that matter to you the most! We have been trained to contour those areas of your body that are in need of special attention.

1 wrap session  |   $130   

We now offer Take Home Cellulite Smoothing Kits and Nutrition Drinks!

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